Friday, August 24, 2018

7 practices to get rid of non-opioid Constipation naturally


Constipation is an embarrassing and painful problem that we all face more or less. So don’t you think there are reasons behind this???
It may be due to diet, lifestyle, medicine or disease. And many people suffer from constipation due to eating extra meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image of a constipated person
Constipation is a painful problem

When did you feel your constipation? It cannot be called constipation only if it is difficult to quit. Rather, it can be called constipation only if it is less than three times a week. Along with this, there may be stomach acne and abdominal spasms. So the problem is embarrassing & many of them feel very sick.

What do you think, what leads our constipation problem??? It’s only because of our food, along with other factors, like-

• Eating fatty foods and less vegetables and fruits, drinking less amount water.
• Worrying.                  
• Inefficient physical work, walking or exercising.
• If you have intestinal cancer.
• Diabetes.
• As a result of tumors in the brain and bleeding in the brain.
• Lying for several days due to various illnesses
• Using different types of medicines, such as-
A. Pain medication
B. High blood pressure medication
C. Gastric medicines
D Seizure medication and
E. Among the drugs that contain iron, calcium and aluminum alloy.

Apart from this, there may be constipation for different types of nervous system and hormone infections. In this, there are significant symptoms of tropical disorders, nervous system problems, longevity problems of kidneys and thyroid problems.

Symptoms of constipation:

• Being tight closet.
• It takes more time to do the closet.
• Need more pressure to do the closet.
• Due to lack of fullness even after being washed for a long time.
• feeling pain around the anus and abdominal pain.
• Find out the closet through fingers or any other.

Best constipation infographic
Constipation: At a glance

Ways to overcome constipation:
You can take some preparation to avoid this problem. See 7 ways to keep constipation away.

1) Drink more water
You should drink more water in the summer. Constipation can also be happened if the body lacks regular water. If you have constipation, you can drink light warm water. However, do not drink soft drinks or juice. Constipation can be more strong in this case.

2) Eat more fiber
Eat fiber rich food as well as drink water. Such as hall-grain grains, vegetables, nuts, beans, peas, peas, various fruits. These foods help to evacuate. 
Fiber food helps to reduce constipation
Fiber food fasten your bowel movement

But if you drink less water then it will be reversed and fiber will increase your constipation. For this reason, drink plenty of water as well as fiber.

3) Exclude milk and dairy products

Many people may have stomach problems and causes constipation due to drinking milk and dairy foods. In that case, you can exclude these foods from the food list. But instead of starting to eat other calcium foods.

4)Drink Potato juice

Sometimes it is advisable to drink potato or its juice. It has a natural laxative that eliminates constipation. However, if you have an IBS problem, then it is better to not eat potato juice.

 5)Take medicines
movantik helps bowel problem

There are some available medicines which help reduce constipation. However, these cannot be eaten regularly. If there is no other way to quit, then medicines can be eaten. It is better to talk to the doctor before.

6)Drink coffee

coffee helps bowel movement faster

Drinking coffee compared to water, helps bowel movement faster. As a result, it also helps to reduce constipation.


There is a difference of opinion about the effects of exercise on constipation. Someone says that exercise does not have any effect on constipation. Someone says it helps to remove constipation, and other says it strengthens constipation! But however, it certainly helps to reduce constipation discomfort. Be careful not to lose body water due to exercise. Try to walk if you do not want to exercise heavily.

Why constipation treatment is needed :

 we already discussed that to get rid of constipation, take fiber food, drink sifficient water and accept working life. Keep fiber foods and vegetables in your every day meal. Because vegetables and raw fruits protect intestinal wellness.So before constipation becomes serious problem to our health,it needs to be treated.Bocause it causes other problems; like

  • The closure of the closet can be lost .
  • Piles.
  • Anal fisher.
  • Rectal motions or the rectum can go out
  • There is a tendency to be mentally diseased
  • The urine may turn off
  • Can become ulcer or holes in the gut tunnel and
  • If constipation is for colon cancer or tumors in the brain and is not treated in a timely manner, it may also lead to premature death.

So my final suggestion is there may be several reasons for constipation in each case. If you develop frequent constipation, you should talk to the doctor.